Labeling Machine

We offer a comprehensive line of semi-automatic & automatic labeling machine for self adhesive pressure sensitive labels. The machines are esigned to label a wide variety of different product such as boxes, bottles, trays, and even odd shape item with various output capacity to suit different production output requirements.

Table Top Round Labeler

Table Top Round Bottle Labeler

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  • Adjustable to suit different size product
  •  User-friendly control system makes the operation easy and fast.
  • Equipped with Made in Japan photo-electronic eye; detecting targeted labeling position with great accuracy.
  • Powered by step motors; producing stable and efficient labeling outputs.
  • Setting Label length through PLC system; changing products with ease.
  • Streamlined conveyor belt moves extensive range of products
  • Switching labeling products with ease and efficiency
  • Space-efficient size: great for limited work space.
  • Equipped with a label-pressing sponge; firmly applying labels to your applications.
  • Machine ade of stainless steels and hardened aluminum alloy
  • Easy for maintenance and clean up.
  • Customizable machine parts; extendable range of applicable products.
  • Equipped with adjustable conveyor guides and hand wheel system
ModelLabeling SpeedApplicable Label SizeApplicable Bottle SizeLabel Roll Dia (MM)Machine DimensionPower
PNLT-11030-60 pcs/min (depending on your specific products and label sizes)(L) 10-300mm (W) 10-100mmN.A.Inside 75mm; Outside 300mm(L) 950mm; (W) 580mm; (H) 730 mm220V / 1Ph
PNLR-100Labeling Speed: 20-60 pcs/min (depending on your specific applications and label sizes) diameter 16mm-90mm/ height 30-160 mmWidth/Length: 10-100mm/ 20-300mmInside 75mm; Outside 300mm(L) 1234mm (W) 839mm (H) 540mm220V / 1Ph
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