Lilloclip Bag Closing Machine

Lilloclipper Machine

The Lilloclip is a plastic pilfer proof bag closing clip, it is non reusable which ensure product integrity. Logo can be custom printed as a form of advertising and date / batch stamp ensure product tracebility.

Application Examples

  • Features
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  • Inviolable not reusable guarantee seal
  • Replace metal and label with the total guarantee that is cannot be tampered with the product
  • When applying the seal, you can print:
  • –        the name of the product
  • –        the date of production
  • –        the expiry date
  • –        the batch number

Lilloclip can be applied on:

  • –        twines of every kind, with different sizes
  • –        all types of plastic or cotton net
  • –        on perforated or polyethylene bags without water discharge
  • It is an advertising mean with customized printing
  • It does not become rusty nor altered
  • It is not detected by metal detectors

Lilloclip Machine Brochure Download