Packaging Equipments

Besides our own in house range of PACSEAL equipments, we also represent several major international brands of packaging machinery. With our comprehensive range of machines, we are able to meet the requirements of most prospective customers in their packaging and related products.



Hand Impluse Sealer
Hand Impluse Sealer Image

Hand Impluse Sealer

Foot Pedal Bag Sealers
Semi Auto Impluse Bag Sealers
Bubble Tea Cup Sealer
Semi Auto Top Seal Machine (Pneumatic Type)
Rotary Auto Cup/Tray Sealer
Auto Inline Tray Sealing Machine
High Speed Pusher Arm Tray Sealer
Sachet Form Fill Seal Machine
Edhard Filling Machines
Liquid Filling Machine
Pneumatic Filling Machine
Continuous Band Sealer
Portable Heat Selaer
Hand Tray Wrapper
Labeling Machine
Nozzle Type Vacuum Pack Machine
Chamber Type Vacuum Pack Machine
Double Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine
MD Servo Pillow Pack Machine
Semi Auto Shrink Wrap Machine
Auto Shrink Wrap Machine
Date Coders
Ink Jet Date Coders
Aluminium Clipping Machine
Strapping Machine
Plastic Lilloclip Machine
Industrial Blister Sealing Machines