Pneumatic Type Filling Machine

Our semi-auto pneumatic type filling machine features all stainless steel frame and components and is available as a top top model and as well as floor standing version. 

The machine is suitable for filling high or low viscosity products such as

Food applications : Jelly, honey, sauces, soup-stock, milk, oil, mineral water, ketchep, etc.

Chemical Applications : Tooth -paste, cream, cleaner soap, shampoo, shower cream , perfume, essence,lotion, ink, machine oil etc

PTF-A Series

PTF-V Series

  • Features
  • Specifications
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  • Speed and Capacity adjustable for quantitative filling
  • Easy for Cleaning and Operating
  • No skilled technique required
  • Built in Stainless Steel quality
  • Both auto continuous filling and semi -auto pedal filling
  • Can be also used with automatic machines for On-line control
  • Fill accuracy : +/-3cc (depending on productand fill volume)
  • Custom options available on request
ModelMachine Size (mm)PowerFill Volume (cc)Hopper Capacity (L)
PTF-9V3455x530x1685220V – 1ph50 ~ 30030
PTF-9V10455x530x1685220V – 1ph300 ~ 100030
PTF-9A31320x420x660220V – 1ph50 ~ 30030
PTF-10A31320x420x660220V – 1ph300 ~ 100030
Pneumatic Filling Machine Brochure Download