Semi-Auto Shrink Wrap Machine

Our shrink wrap series comprises of machine with various production capacity from All in One Chamber models, Two-in-One compact range and also traditional L-Sealer / Shrink Tunnel Combination. 

Model PFM-400

Two-In-One Compact Shrink Wrapper

The PFM-400 two-in-one compact shrink wrapper features an L-Sealer on the upper part of the machine while have a shrink tunnel conveyor under it. This allows for a compact footprint making it extremely practical for customer whose is limited by space constraints. Suitable for low to mid output requirements.

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  • Film sealing, cutting and shrink in one operation
  • A veryeconomical packaging machine for small amount productivity
  • User POF, PVC as packaging materials
  • Two function for option: oneis only seal cut, another is both seal cut and shrinking
  • The hot air is kept in a small heating room, whichsave power consumption greatly
  • Wrapped perfectly with strong hot circulating airflow
  • Shrinking process can be observed through transparent cover
  • Widely used in the external packaging of beverage, gift, hardware, cosmetics and plastic, etc.
ModelMachine Size (mm)Sealing Size (mm)Tunnel Size (mm)Pack HeightPower/Watt
PFM-400 2in1 Shrink Wrapper Brochure Download

Model PLST-40 Series

L-Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Combination

The PLST-40 series comprises of an L-Sealer & Shrink Tunnel, the L-Sealer is equip with a product take away conveyor which automatically moves the product after sealing into the Shrink Tunnel.

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  • The machine combines sealing device with shrinking device
  • Pneumatic type sealing. It can be also be switched to manual type sealing
  • This machine is designed with automatic conveyor. Products will be delivered into shrink tunnel automatically after sealing & cutting process
  • Conveyor height can be adjusted
  • Its sealing height can be adjusted depending on product size
  • Hot air cycling tunnel.
ModelMachine Size (mm)Sealing Size (mm)Tunnel Size (mm)Pack HeightPower/Watt
PSLT-4050BN2600(L) x 760(W) x 1580(H)500(L) x 400(W) x 200(H)800(L) x 400(W) x 200(H)5~200 mm415V-3Ph/11kW
PSLT-4060BN2700(L) x 760(W) x 1580(H)600(L) x 400(W) x 200(H)800(L) x 400(W) x 200(H)5~200 mm415V-3Ph/11.5kW
PSLT-40 L-Sealer + Shrink Tunnel Brochure Download