Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

UTOC‘s Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine is a unique solution in many ways. It is one of the most compact machine in the market with base models starting at only 2.1meter in length. Extremely practical for small to medium use client with limited space in their packing rooms.

In spite of short length,  the thermoforming vacuum machine has three complete open pitch length for easy loading the products with its user friendly features allowing more than one loading operator.

The PGP Thermoforming vacuum pack machine is highly efficient and is a good upward replacement of traditional chamber vacuum pack machines to increase productivity. The economical cost and compact size makes this series a preferred choice of both food and non food packaging applications

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  • One of the most compact machine starting at 2.1 meters in length
  • Low maintenance of forming and sealing station as well as for the cross-cutting
  • HMI Display with error prompt
  • Adjustable cycle time
  • Memory function for storing different product settings
  • Easy mold size change
  • Installed with German Busch Vacuum Pumps
Machine Size2100 x 890 x 1650 mm2600 x 890 x 1650 mm
Mold Size (1 Cavity)180 x 296 mm200 x 380 mm
Mold Size (2 Cavity)180 x 148 mm200 x 190 mm
Mold Size (3 Cavity)180 x 98 mm200 x 126 mm
Max Mold Height70mm70mm
Production Cycle4-6 cycles per min5-7 cycles
Bottom Film Width324mm424mm
Printed Film SensorNoYes
Vacuum Pump63m3 Busch100m3 Busch
Cooling systemAir CooledAir Cooled