Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Our PACSEAL range of automatic shrink wrap machines operates by product feeding , L-Sealing  and an auto belt transfer to the Shrink Tunnel. Our Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines are suitable for many applications such as Foods Products, Trays, Boxes, Hardware, Cosmetics, Bottles, Bundling Applications and many more.

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  • Touch Screen Control for easy adjustment
  • Teflon sprayed alloy Sealing knifeity saving.
  • Adjustable Sealing time and temperature depending on the thickness of plastic film.
  • Adjustable conveyor and sealing height depending on product size.
  • Large waste film collection spool less changeover.
  • Also available in Stainless Steel Version for Food Industries.
Max Packing size (mm)L+2H≤550, W+2H≤450, H≤140W450×H200
Min Packaging Size (mm)L: 60mm
Max Sealing Size (mm)L550 x W450
Power (Kw) / Voltage(2.2Kw) 220V-50/60Hz(11.7Kw) 380V 50/60Hz
Capacity0-40pcs / min0~10m / min
Sealing Temperature
180℃—250℃ depends on thickness of film and environment temperature
Thickness of film (mu)15 to 50
Air Pressure (Kg/cm2)5
Packing MaterialPOF / PVC
Machine Size (mm) / Weight (Kg)L1760 x W940 x H1580 / 320kgExternal L1600×W900×H1400
Tunnel L1500XW450XH200)250kg