Small Volume Powder Dispenser

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Powder Filling-PF-8J

For all kinds of powder such as Non-dairy creamer, Taro powder, Coffee powder, and Cocoa powder.

The Powder Filling Machine YF-8J is built with solid & lightweight material. Making our small-volume powder dispenser slick and portable. Our Powder Filling Machine also has an easy-to-operate human-machine interface. The YF-8J Powder filling dispenser uses computer control filling settings to produce a power filling accuracy of only +1g.

UTOC small-volume powder dispenser also adheres to safety and health food regulations and is SGS inspection qualified. The YF-8J powder dispenser also has a function that avoids solidifying materials for easy cleaning and maintenance. The powder filler is able to operate for 1-3 seconds.

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  • The latest model YF-8J powder filler is with an extremely strong & lightweight design.
  • Easy-to-operate human machine interface.
  • Computer control filling settings.
  • Power filling accuracy ±1g.
  • SGS inspection qualified, safety and health in line with food regulations.
  • Avoid solidifying of materials for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Rapid powder filling of 1-3 seconds.
Machine Size:
410 x 270 x 480
Power (V):110/220V (40W)
Min. / Max. Filling Weight:
10 ~ 250gm
Weight (kg):
Main Volume (CC):